Open Hair Hairstyles For Prom Night

Style your hairs with silky curls. Texturize your hair and leave it on one side of your shoulder. Comb your hair with bore bristle brush and loosen the curls a bit. Just above your ear, take some part of your hair and roll it back of your head and pin it up.  Another hairstyle is spiral cascade. When your hair is wet, use a curl enhancing mousse and then dry your hair for bouncy spirals. From ear to ear, divide your hair in half. Gather the top half of your hair and tie them in to a pony. You can also wear a headband with a bow to add a cute look to the hairstyle.

Open Hair

You can go for soft waves. Wrap your hair section wise around the curling iron and roll it into a spiral shape to your ear level. Hold your hair in the iron for ten seconds and then release. This will do the perfect curls you want to get. Woven braid is also a great option. You just need to take the sides of your hair and tie them in a French braid on the back side of your head. Gently tie the braid and loosen it a bit. Leave the rest of your hair open and flowy. This hairstyle is extremely easy to do, trendy and classy.

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