About Us

For me, the journey of Hair Carnival began a long time ago.  A friend showed me two photos of her side by side. In one, she was bald, and in the other, she had a high bun styled in a parlor. The radical difference between the two pictures was jolting, and it got me thinking about my hair. From that day onwards, the path to finding the best hairstyle to suit my face cut and the most well-known hair care routines around the world was set.

In the beginning, the focus was just on finding the most fantastic hairstyle to fit any occasion. I tried everything from an upside-down braid to beachy waves to an updo that lasts for days. Over the year, the knowledge I had accumulated began to help a few of my family members and then closed friends. This gave me the idea to start a platform where I could share this wealth.  My aim with is to provide every iota of information to every person out there who needs it when it comes taking care of hair and styling it just right.

To this end, I decided to expand the scope of the website. From sharing just about different hairstyles one can make, I also began to write about how to take care of the hair. Today, I can give you tips on a humid day hair care to extremely dry hair. There is no subject or topic that I do not love to talk about when it comes to hairstyling and care!