Robots in Hairstyling & Wellness- Are They Viable?

Image That Shows The Robots Doing Hair Styling For a Customer In A Hair Salon.

The future is here, and you will have to deal with it. You can’t always depend on your hairdresser to do a fabulous job because they may have their bad days. Believe it or not- one off day on your barber’s part is all it takes to ruin the impression that you want to create before your business associates or the new love of your life. So, how can you ensure that the mop on the top of your head looks precisely how you want it? Well, collaborative robots have arrived on the scene to save the day for you.

Will the degree of automation get out of control?

Is fear rational?

All sectors of service and manufacturing are divided in their opinions about the viability of collaborative robots. However, it is generally accepted that collaborative robots are best suited to the completion of repetitive and manual tasks. The usability and practicality of using them in accomplishing creative tasks are highly debatable. It would be safe to say that despite AI and advancement in collaborative robots’ tech- creativity is not their most substantial aspect.

Make reasonable decisions

It would be sensible to analyze the extent to which hairstyling and hairdressing can be automated. Cutting of hair is an art. It requires a tremendous skill. The desired style can’t be achieved without excellent communication between you and your barber. However, more straightforward tasks such as washing and shampooing would be best handled by collaborative robots. Automatons can ensure that these activities are completed efficiently and promptly.

Spa & Massage- Will Cobots Rule the Roost ?

Image That Shows A Woman Get Relaxing During Head Massage Therapy By A Professional Massage Therapist In An Exotic Spa.People have been opting for exotic and effective massages for centuries. The ability of these practices to reduce stress and provide relaxation is beyond all doubts. However, recent trends have been far more encouraging for the spa industry. Wellness has gradually become an integral part of the lives of numerous individuals. Needless to say, massages and spa therapies are essential to the accomplishment of wellness.
The human touch

The efficiency of massage therapies is evident. The role of trained and skilled masseuses is equally well-accepted. It is not uncommon for people to have one favorite professional whose services are always up to the mark. It doesn’t feel like a good massage unless it takes place in your favorite spa. After all, humans are creatures of habit and comfort.

The new era

The use of collaborative automatons in place of humans to get the job done may come across as an absurd concept to some of you. But what’s the advancement of technology if it doesn’t raise a few eyebrows? Some simple techniques of massage and spa therapies might be carried out more effectively at the hands of advanced collaborative robots.

The realms of possibility

The critical question is whether these machines can replace humans entirely as far as spa therapies are concerned. The evident answer is that they can’t. The ideal situation will be where all tasks are divided between humans and robots.

How reasonable is the probability of job losses?

Workers would prefer to be replaced by a robot rather than a person.

Is your job safe?

Well, a decrease in employment opportunities is one of the biggest fears associated with the proliferation of collaborative robots. Human resources across developed nations are pessimistic about the impact which advancement in artificial intelligence will have on their jobs. Are their fears unreasonable? Will automatons become efficient enough to replace humans?
Let reason and logic rule

Collaborative robots will never be able to replace humans in all sectors of manufacturing and services. The idea is to utilize these machines to handle tasks that are not worthy of human resources. Accident-prone jobs, repetitive works, assembly lines among others are the ideal avenues where automaton will leave their mark. However, improvement in the abilities of collaborative robots will take away some jobs- and facing reality is essential.

Adapt or perish

The arrival of various machines over the past one hundred years has revolutionized human existence. You can consider the example of agriculture. Earlier, the land was made cultivable by bullocks operated by humans. Crops were harvested manually with the help of some tools. When tractors and harvesters arrived on the scene, they made lives more comfortable. However, these machines also took away the jobs of many people. But the agricultural practices did not become entirely devoid of the human touch.

People had to adapt and gain new skills to survive and thrive in the changing landscape of the industry. The same adjustment and adaptation will become essential with an increase in the use of collaborative robots. And life will move on.

Welcome the changes

Image That Represents The Concept of Robots Replacing Humans In Future Generations.

Everyone must understand that they can’t expect technological advancements to remain stagnant for prolonged periods. Change is the only constant. It is essential to develop your expertise and continue gaining knowledge. The arrival of technology is not a reasonable excuse for people to become lax and lethargic.

People working in the beauty and wellness industry should concentrate on working symbiotically and cooperatively with the automatons. Ideally, they must consider these machines to be helpers instead of competitors. The attitude of professionals will determine whether their importance in the times to come.

Panasonic has recently launched its first robotic hairdresser. Can it replace a barber? It does not seem likely. Instead, it will become a tool for hairstylists to complete their manual tasks with greater ease as well as efficiency.

The health and wellness industry

It would be accurate to say that changes will not get out of hand immediately. Complete automation is not possible. The human touch in the beauty and wellness industry will always remain indispensable. But roles will undergo changes sooner than later. Here you – Check Out about the automation in healthcare industry.

Robotic masseuses or hairdressers will gain more considerable significance with improvement in their abilities. In such a situation, they will open new avenues for human resources. It will be an opportunity for them to become more relevant if they develop new skills.

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