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Some Of The Most Happening Hair Styling Trends

Hair styling is the most important factor contributing to the neat and authentic of all individuals. With the increasing hair styling artists, every person irrespective of their profession concentrate more on their looks and make use of these artists to strike a perfect look meeting the ambience of all places they visit. With the highly developing hair style trends, people tend to adapt different styles and are open to experiment all kinds of looks. Discussed below are a few looks which attract greater audience with its style and perfection.

  •         Fancy Faux Fringe

Creator: Anthony Turner

This style originated from a gathering which was themed depicting the concept         “when the England’s queen went for a dance party in the 1940’s”. The hair stylist Anthony Turner incorporated faux fringe with a mildly accessorized pony tail. This attracted a lot of audience and contributed to the fun element of the Fashion week hair.

How to create:

Spray the desired hair spray of your preference covering the entire volume of your hair. Dry your hair using a hair drier. (Remain careful with the hair drier and do not let the hot air coming from the drier strike directly on your face) Divide a section forming a triangular fringe at the front. Comb the hair beneath the fringe, roll and tie them up properly creating a neat faux fringe. Tie the rest of your hair into a neat pony tail. Use a hot tong to curl the lower portions of your hair. Attach a big black bow to the base of your pony tail. Using your fingers pull of some smooth portions of your hair around the hair line and finally apply hair sprays mildly to hold the hair style for longer periods.

  •         Lazy wave

Creator: Duffy

These looks were inspired using the references obtained from the classic fashion campaigns that took place in the Italian city. The looks in this campaign were highly powerful and strong. These looks from the fashion campaign was toned down slightly to bring down the traditional lazy waves.

How to create:

Apply hair sprays to the entire volume of your hair to maintain its shape and improve its texture. Use hair driers to clean dry your hair. In order to increase the volume at the roots, try moving your hair sideways while drying your hair. On the smaller partitions of your hair, try smoothing the hair down using appropriate hair sprays. In order to pull the look even better, try hiding the lower sections of your hair to avoid the possibilities of its weight imposing bad influences on the other portions of your hair. In order to achieve this, try tying the lower sections of your hair into a neat pony tail before working on the other portions. Finally, to add curls, use one inch tongs and work on your hair section by section. Keep in mind to tong your hair at alternate directions as you travel down the entire length of your hair.  

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Selecting Hairstyles For Prom Night

Prom is one of the most wonderful occasions in every girl’s life, during the high school time. It is one special night where they get to dress up and dance like princesses. Sometimes, even after being properly dressed, many girls look sloppy because of their wrong hairstyles. Do not attempt to copy any hairstyle from anyone. Just because it looked good on your favorite celebrity, it does not mean it will look good on you also. Consider your personality and what you can carry confidently, to select the hairstyles. Do a hairstyle according to the theme of the prom party. Consider the shape of your face before selecting a hairstyle.

Prom Night

You can also visit any salon or professional for styling your hair. You can also research on the internet to find the best hairstyle for yourself. It is better to think of what cannot be done on your hair and then precisely search for the hairstyle. Your face structure plays a very important role in hairstyling. Even when you go to a professional, they will first look at your face shape to decide, what to do with your hairs. After you decide a dress you must go for the hair styling stuff. Your hairstyle must suit with the dress. Both the things go hand in hand.

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Hairstyles To Do On Your Prom Night

The craving to look the best is not hidden, especially on the prom night. It is a very special event in every student’s life. You always have the option to get best dressed and stylized by your salon experts. If you want to do something by yourself, there are many easy hairstyles for you too. One of the contemporary hairstyles for prom night is the classic up do. This hairstyle is classy and even modern. If you have an oval face cut, this hairstyle will suit you the best. Chignons is another beautiful hairstyle. Almost everyone can flaunt this haircut, which looks like hip and edge.

Open Hair Hairstyles For Prom Night

The shag short haircut makes your face look angular. It is more appropriate for round, and square face shaped people. If you have an oval face cut, never go for this hairstyle. You can cut your hair to chin length and get the bob haircut. This is very stylish and gives you a funky look. This hairstyle looks good on every type of face except the round ones. The flip is a famous celebrity hairstyle. You can go for it, irrespective of your face cut. There are various other hairstyles and haircuts that you can go for to get a trendy look. Search over the internet for more styles.

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Open Hair Hairstyles For Prom Night

Style your hairs with silky curls. Texturize your hair and leave it on one side of your shoulder. Comb your hair with bore bristle brush and loosen the curls a bit. Just above your ear, take some part of your hair and roll it back of your head and pin it up.  Another hairstyle is spiral cascade. When your hair is wet, use a curl enhancing mousse and then dry your hair for bouncy spirals. From ear to ear, divide your hair in half. Gather the top half of your hair and tie them in to a pony. You can also wear a headband with a bow to add a cute look to the hairstyle.

Open Hair

You can go for soft waves. Wrap your hair section wise around the curling iron and roll it into a spiral shape to your ear level. Hold your hair in the iron for ten seconds and then release. This will do the perfect curls you want to get. Woven braid is also a great option. You just need to take the sides of your hair and tie them in a French braid on the back side of your head. Gently tie the braid and loosen it a bit. Leave the rest of your hair open and flowy. This hairstyle is extremely easy to do, trendy and classy.

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Hairstyles You Will Enjoy

There are many types of hair people have, and their styles are also very different. What hairstyle suits you depends largely on what type of hair you have. Every different type of hair cannot take up any styling. There are specifics for each and every type of person and their hairstyles. For example, if you have curly hair you can leave it open on the prom night. Pair it up with some beautiful hair accessory. Curly hairs generally look classy on their own, and just use some hair smoothener so that it does not become shabby. If you have straight hair, still you can keep your hair open or try some simple hairstyles.

Long-Hair-Styles-For-WomenIf you have long hair, you can do any hairstyle. Lengthy hairs have this plus point, and any hairstyling can be done on them. You can curl them up and add some hair accessory to make your look elegant. You can go through a fashion magazine to select the prom hairstyles for you. You can always search the on internet if not then consult an hair expert. The hairstyle you do must go with your dress, remember that. Now when you choose your hairstyle and dress, just carry it with confidence and nothing else.

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